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Congratulations are in order for Pauline McCollough and Fleurette Washington who have both won FREE autographed copies of Diamonds in the Rough! Congrats! I hope you enjoy the read! *Razzle~Dazzle*

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Book Review: Memoirs of a Creole Crime Cartel by Redsnapper

If you have never heard of author Redsnapper, I highly suggest that you get acquainted with his work today.

Redsnapper is the author of the Urban Erotica Bliss trilogy series: Scandalous Motives, which includes the titles, Scandalous Motives, Scandalous Motives: Relentless Ambitions, and Scandalous Motives: Heartless Reactions.

Memoirs of a Creole Crime Cartel (MCCC) is the prequel to these novels, set in Kansas City, Missouri and follows the lives of Andrew Laurie, the ruthless Don of the infamous Creole Cartel, his daughter, the beautiful yet manipulative, Tangie Laurie, and her conniving grandmother, Suzette, affectionately referred to as Big Momma.

Not having read any of his previous novels, reading MCCC, set the tone for any other work that I may read by him. At first read, MCCC caught my attention. To be honest, as a lover of gangsters and stories of drug cartels, I was willing to buy and read the novel just based off the title and cover design. The novel did not disappoint at all, but there was more sex than I had imagined!

At one point while reading the book and I will be totally honest, I had to sit the book down on my bedside dresser and repent to the Lord. I’m serious and am not telling a lie just to be humorous. I have read erotic fiction books before (Zane, Omegia Keeys), but nothing like this! Redsnapper was so descriptive in his scenes that I almost became embarrassed to be reading it. Thankfully, the cover didn’t shout “erotic fiction,” so I wasn’t scared to read the book in public.

Although this book has a storyline, sometimes you tend to forget that there is one because of the explicitness of the sex scenes. The scenes are not spaced far apart so after reading one, you are almost forced into another one. If you are a dynamite fan of erotic fiction then you will love this! If you are a beginner and read this book, it will set the bar very high for any other erotic fiction book that you may read. Do not get disappointed if other erotic fiction books are not as descriptive or pleasurable (smile) as this one!

If you buy this book, which I hope you will, remember, I have warned you! It’s juicy! (Literally :-0)

Rating: ***** (LITERARY CLASSIC)

Olivia gives good advice on GlobalGrind


This isn’t the whole article, but it captured enough to post…this is straight from 

I dont care who you are or what you are doing. One isn’t going to be successful at anything until they start believing in themselves. If you don’t believe in yourself and your own abilities, you are immediately stunting your growth. This is all easy to say, but having the hardcore belief that not only you can, but you WILL accomplish your goals isn’t an easy task. Everything in the world is weighted against you. The media has put bad news in front of the good. But it is left up to you to use your own vices to develop the self awareness that will bring you to new levels of success. No one is going to step up and hand you success. It has to come from within your heart and soul.